Working Out at Home: The Real Deal

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

COVID-19 has forced us all to adapt every aspect of our daily lives, and our physical fitness routines are no exception. It has proved that it is possible to achieve your workout goals all from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and money, making working out from home seriously the real deal!

With the closures of gyms and studios across the world, rolling out of bed in the morning and navigating yourself to your “home gym” quickly became a habit for most of us. Everyone from heavy-lifters to group fitness lovers had to adapt to the new life that was thrown upon them making do with what resources they had at their own home. I had friends filling large coolers with weights to deadlift them, and people practicing their pull-ups off of tree branches!

But in reality this new home-workout routine may not have been as bad as we thought it was. I remember getting word about my gym closing due to COVID-19 and being heart-broken. This was a place that I both worked at and used to maintain my health and fitness in several ways. What was I

going to do now? Workout at home? Using my own bodyweight? Unheard of.

Although it took far too long to realize, this was actually to my advantage. After some complaining and some botched at-home workouts, I realized the positive impact that gym and studio closures had on my life. I was now forced to be creative, something that is often scarce in our day-to-day lives. I was moving my body in ways I never would have in public spaces and was trying new styles of workouts such as shadow boxing and dance-inspired online classes. I was turning to social media, friends, colleagues and family to spark new interests and new ideas. I was saving so much time by not travelling to and from the gym to get my workout fix in, where I often spent way too much time chatting with the employees and other gym patrons. I had actually found great comfort and joy in my home workouts.

Many gyms across Ontario have immaculate sanitization and safety procedures in place to allow members to come back feeling safe and confident that their health is top priority. For the most part, masks are necessary when entering and exiting large box gyms and when moving around from machine to machine, but may not be required to stay on during your actual workout. Private studios have created personal “bubbles” where members can safely complete their workout in their own space in a smaller class size, but still get the extra push from their instructor and fellow class members. It is truly incredible how we are so able to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the world around us.

This being said, the gym is definitely a place to be cautious, as any public space is these days. Taking extra precautions to keep ourselves and those around us safe is absolutely necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the atmosphere of a gym or fitness studio, and I know our Fitness and Dance Instructors here at Cloud can say the same. With Phase 3 being implemented in many parts of Ontario, this leaves us with the burning question. Will you return to your gym? Or will you continue on with the new routine that we have challenged ourselves to adapt to over the past few months?

Although I am ecstatic to return to the studio and see members’ smiling faces again, I am still challenging myself with my at-home workouts. I have developed strength using bodyweight resistance exercises and have seen improvements in my endurance, all while still enjoying my new-found love for minimal equipment workouts. The convenience of rolling out of bed and walking downstairs to complete a workout for the day simply cannot be beat.

I strongly believe that no matter your resources, you should never give up on your passion. If dance and fitness is that passion, I encourage you to continue this as much and as often as you can. This is where Cloud Dance & Fitness steps in. We want to allow you to continue these passions from the safety and comfort of your own home and leave the planning to us.

Whether you choose to return to your local gym or studio, or maintain these new routines at home, make Cloud Dance & Fitness a part of your journey.

And remember, always reach for the clouds.