Weekly Wellness Journal

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


As we all know, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget about our own health and wellness. Even simple tasks like drinking enough water can seem overwhelming when life gets busy. This is why developing healthy habits that you can maintain throughout your entire life are essential for keeping our physical and mental health in check! Lucky for you, we have you covered with our Weekly Wellness Journal.

By keeping a daily journal or simple checklist such as this one, you have a constant little reminder to focus on yourself and your health throughout the day. Our hope is that using this checklist you will take a moment, or a few moments, throughout the week to feel good about yourself. We’ve included a variety of small tasks that you can add into your day that will benefit your mental, physical and emotional well-being!

Drinking enough water throughout the day is an important one. Staying hydrated will help promote healthy joint functioning, aid in metabolism and utilization of nutrients in your body and promote immune system functioning, plus so much more!

Aiming for about 2-3L of water per day should be the goal, depending on your activity levels amongst other factors. Stretching out your muscles whether you are sedentary for a majority of your day or out and about and moving is key. Our muscles and joints work hard to keep up with everything we do throughout the day, so showing them some TLC will help them feel good and leave us mentally clear. Things such as taking a deep breath or calling a friend can boost our mood and help us perform better on the tasks we need to complete that day.

There are so many great things on this checklist that can help you focus on YOU and show yourself some love. This can be a great tool for absolutely anyone. Kids can use this to start establishing healthy habits and learn how to make their body feel good. Becoming aware of how we feel and listening to what our body is telling us is a skill that takes time, but ultimately will help us become more aware of what our body needs at any given moment.

I encourage you to try using this journal and see what benefits you notice by the time Sunday rolls around. Stay focused on you, and remember - always reach for the clouds!