Top 10 Must Watch Dance Movies

Nothing beats grabbing some popcorn and turning on a good movie! The results are in- these are Cloud's Top 10 Must-Watch Dance Movies!


10. Work It

This movie is a Netflix original staring Liza Koshy and Sabrina Carpenter AND produced is by Alicia Keys! All about dance competition, choreography and making the team, this movie is a comedic must see.

9. Shall We Dance

Staring Jennifer Lopez who plays a ballroom dance instructor, this classic rom-com really pulls on the heart strings. A local lawyer signs up for ballroom dance lessons in the hopes of meeting the woman of his dreams. Will they fall in love through dance? We won’t spoil anymore...

8. Honey

This movie tells the story of woman who wants to become a famous dance choreographer. Featuring both Jessica Alba and Missy Elliot you really can’t go wrong!

7. La La Land

This dance and musical film stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone who fall in love while pursuing their passions! Featuring jazz, contemporary, tap and ballroom dance styles this movie has it all.

6. Happy Feet

Name something better than a tap dancing penguin?! We’ll wait.

5. Flashdance

This iconic 1983 film is about a teen aspiring to become a professional ballet dancer. With lots of romance and dancing this movie is sure to pull on your heart strings.

4. Step-Up

This movie tells the story of two dancers from different worlds coming together to perform for their lives. Step-Up is a series of 5 movies, making for a great Friday Night Movie Marathon!

3. Footloose

This 1984 classic follows the life of a teenager who moves to a small town where rock music and dancing are illegal! Imagine that. A truly iconic film.

2. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is the story of a girl who meets a dance instructor over the summer at a resort. The dance scenes are seriously ICONIC- get someone who can lift you like Johnny Castle.

1. Burlesque

Staring Cher and Christina Aguilera, this film features not only spicy dance moves but also a fabulous dance worthy sound-track. This movie has paved the way for Burlesque and Heels Dance for generations to come.

We hope you enjoy these dance themed films and remember, always reach for the clouds!