The Digital Dance Era

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The impact of the pandemic on all aspects of our lives has been unprecedented and it has had an adverse long-lasting impact on almost every industry. The dance industry is no exception. From the mandatory closure of many studios and the cancellation of dance competitions to the reduced operating capacity faced, dance studios have been forced to adapt and adjust their programming in order to continue operations. Some have implemented a hybrid model of in-studio and online training, others have simply been trying to manage all the restrictions around in-studio classes and grappling with reduced registrations.

As a dancer myself, I can’t imagine being in my final year of studio or University dance with competitions and shows cancelled and not being able to share the stage with my teammates one last time. I can’t imagine not going into the dance studio every week, practicing routines with my friends and training for performances, but this unfortunately is the new reality we live in. Regardless, children in particular are extremely adaptable and resilient to change, however difficult it may be to engage children online as dance educators we are all learning to adapt because it’s what we have to do. Dance is an industry that ultimately embraces innovation.

Digital dance has become an extremely powerful learning tool for dancers of all ages and levels throughout the pandemic. Don’t get me wrong, taking a dance class online is an adjustment, but in my opinion being able to still participate in dance from the comfort of your own home has opened a whole world of possibilities and hosts its own array of valuable benefits. As a result, I believe digital dance is here to stay and will become an integrated component of the dance industry- here’s why!

1. Convenience

No matter how old you are, nothing really beats the convenience of taking a dance class from the comfort of your own home. Whether you have the space for it indoors or choose to take the class outdoors, eliminating that drive to a studio or dance centre is a game changer. For all those busy parents out there, rushing to get your child to a weekly dance class can be stressful, so imagine the convenience of finishing work for the day and simply taking less than five minutes to get your child set up and ready for dance right in your own home.

2. Enhanced Training

It is true nothing beats the socialization and camaraderie that in-studio dance fosters. As the pandemic eventually subsides and regular human interaction once again becomes an acceptable normal component of our lives, so too will in-studio dance classes. That being said, continuing online dance training in addition to in-studio training has the potential to produce better dancers. Imagine being able to connect with world-class choreographers online, or supplementing your weekly in-studio training with online dance workshops on weekends? The possibilities for enhanced dance training are truly endless with the development of digital dance.

3. Affordability

We all know in-studio dance comes with a hefty price tag whether you are a recreational or competitive dancer. Due to the convenience and lower overhead costs for online dance classes, the price tag is substantially less, especially for private lessons 1:1 with an instructor. If you are feeling the pressures of cost but still want to participate in a recreational activity and get active online dance is a great option. (check out our Cloud Dance Packages!)

4. Accessibility

Online dance classes, whether they are live or on-demand, can really be accessed whenever and wherever with an electronic device and an internet connection- which nowadays is accessible almost anywhere. Worried about missing dance for a vacation? Participate virtually from wherever you are in the world! Worried about missing dance because of bad weather? Now there is no excuse.

5. Connect Globally

What better way to diversify your dance training by learning from choreographers and other dancers from all over the world. Digital dance training allows the global dance community to connect as one through online classes, dancing together in a new unique and fulfilling way.


Although the circumstances of the pandemic and the impact on the dance industry is not ideal, it provides an extremely valuable learning opportunity ultimately creating more diversely trained and adaptable dancers. It has opened up a new market for studios and businesses within the digital dance realm, which will only continue to grow and develop. It proves that as a dance community, we can be innovative and find ways to stay active and share our passion for dance no matter what the circumstances.