Optimizing Your Home Workout

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

We’ve already established that home workouts are seriously the real deal (https://www.clouddancefitnetwork.com/post/working-out-at-home-the-real-deal). With the use of Cloud Dance & Fitness, you can complete some of the best workouts in your

own home!

However, we all have those days or weeks where we seem to lack a bit of motivation and the thought of crawling into bed and taking a nap beats working out by a mile. We’ve all been there. This is the exact reason that establishing a strong routine and good habits is a key component to maintaining our health and fitness. When one of those days comes along and we become exhausted just thinking about doing a squat, our routine is what saves us.

Having this routine and discipline can be even more challenging when we are not locked into class times or need to make it to the gym by a certain time. So, we’ve decided to put together some tips and tricks to help you stick to that solid fitness routine while using online fitness classes!

  1. 1. Create a Weekly Schedule!

Sit down and look at your calendar for the week. Pencil in a few workouts around your work schedule and make that a priority for the day. If you plan on doing an On-Demand Cloud Dance or Fitness class on Tuesday, pick a time and stick to it!

If you are a morning warrior and have always thrived on making it to the gym at the crack of dawn, try to stick to that same time when working out at home. If 6am is your prime time, then make sure you are starting your workout at 6am sharp! This will be easier when you just have to simply roll out of bed and change out of your pyjamas and into your workout gear!

2. Have a designated workout space

Having a constant space ready for action will help keep you on top of your schedule and will save you the trouble of constantly setting up a tidying your space. Have towels ready to go, a speaker or headphones nearby to play your favourite workout tunes. Having a good yoga mat and a mirror nearby to check out your form during your workout will help give your at-home space real-gym vibes.

You can check out my favourite yoga mat here: https://shop.lululemon.com/p/women/The-Reversible-Mat-5/_/prod6740115?color=3327&sz=ONESIZE

3. Pre-Plan Your Classes

Pre-plan which live or on-demand workouts you’re going to do each day.

Having your classes planned and muscle groups split up will keep you from over-working one part of your body and help the transition and recovery between workouts be a little smoother. This way you can’t just “save” cardio for tomorrow, as that will be interfering with tomorrow’s planned class! (I know, it’s so easy to skip cardio…). You can even glance through the workouts you have planned to do to mentally prepare yourself for the exercises you will be doing that day/that week.

Planning and splitting up your class schedule can be a little overwhelming. Try to alternate between muscle groups and mix in HIIT/cardio every week. Keep your eyes peeled for a Cloud Fitness Planner coming soon that can help you keep on track with your workouts!

4. Take A Rest Day!

Sometimes when we lack motivation or become overtired, this can be a sign that our body needs a break. Pencil in one or more rest days in your week to let your body get some well-deserved R&R. On these rest days, you can try a stretch/recovery video, take a walk, go for a light bike ride and so much more! Giving our bodies the proper rest, nutrition and hydration they need can be just as important as the work we put into our workout sessions.


With the use of these few tips and tricks, staying motivated for your workouts each week will be a breeze! All you have to do next is grab your water bottle and be ready to break a sweat all from the comfort of your own home.

Use our digital dance and fitness classes to your advantage – and remember, always reach for the clouds!