Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Have a fitness lover on your holiday shopping list that you can’t seem to find the perfect gift for? Look no further! This list will cover all the bases no matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays. So use this list, check it twice, and make sure to get an awesome gift for a fitness lover in your life!

1. Bindle water bottle ($34.99). There’s nothing worse than finishing a set, grabbing your water bottle and taking a sip of room temperature water. Yuck. This water bottle is double insulated to keep your H2O cold and crisp, and even has a secret compartment for your personal belongings! Perfect for the gym or on-the-go.

2. Athletic cross-body bag ($38). These types of bags are perfect for anyone on the move and can be a great addition to your gym/workout space. You can keep your phone, keys, face mask and hand sanitizer within close reach at all times. Check out this one at Lululemon.

3. Foam roller ($14.99 - $59.99). These can be essential in any fitness junkies recovery routine! These can be found at any sports store such as Sportcheck or you can get a great deal on them at places such as Winners or Marshalls. You can also find many options on Amazon!

4. Travel size deodorant and dry shampoo ($5.29 - $20.00). This is the PERFECT gift for the fitness lover who is always on the go. For those people who like to squeeze in a workout before work, this is a must. They can slip these in their gym bag and freshen up anywhere they are! Check out your local drugstore for a variety of options.

5. Handheld percussion massage gun ($499.99). These massage guns are perfect for getting deep into those muscles and tissues wherever you are in your fitness process. This investment will be a gift that lasts a lifetime and can even save the receiver money of massage treatments!

6. Resistance bands ($25 +). Whether this fitness junkie is an at-home warrior or finds themselves at the gym, resistance bands are a great way to step up any workout. Check out Lift Conquer for a variety of short looped and long looped bands!

7. Headphones ($199.95). Whether they’re a lifter, into cardio, a dancer or group exercise goer, the right pair of headphones can make a world’s difference in a workout. Checkout the Powerbeats, which are bluetooth, sweat and water resistant making them perfect for those days of hard work.

8. Fitness tracker ($79.99 - $529) such as Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch. These fitness trackers have a large price range and varying levels, leaving you with so many options for that special someone. FitBit, Garmin and the Apple Watch are all great, reputable fitness trackers that offer varying levels of technology. This gift would be sure to wow the receiver no matter which one you choose!

9. Burt’s bees face wipes ($9.99). These facial wipes can be found at your local drug store and can be kept in this person's gym bag to use to freshen up after their workout! Sweat will not hold them back from being on the go with these wipes.

10. The Glute Lab ($75). This book is all about building muscle and physique and holds great information for any level of fitness junkie. Look for this one online or at your local Indigo!

11. Skipping rope. This gift is perfect to stuff in a stocking or wrap up for an office gift exchange! This is the fitness tool that any fitness lover can bring everywhere. These can be found online, at your local superstore, many sports stores or even the dollar store!

12. Scrunchies ($18 for 3). We all know that the scrunchie trumps the regular old hair elastic. Get them a scrunchy that will hold their hair in place through any workout or dance class. Check out Messy Bun Scrunchies for great quality hair scrunchies!

13. A Cloud On-demand membership or one on one coaching. No matter what you are into, Cloud has you covered. You can purchase a Cloud gift-card or email us about fitness coaching at This gift will be something they can use from the comfort of their own home and will allow them to push their fitness and dance technique to another level.

Now that you have all these great gift ideas, the fitness lover on your gift list will be smiling their way through the holidays thanks to you!