Finding Our Balance

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


noun [ba-lance]

Mental equilibrium; mental health; calmness, a state of remaining clear-headed and unperturbed.


Balance is not something that only dancers and your average yogi have mastered. Balance is something that we try to implement into our everyday lives - although some of us maybe better than others. Balance looks a little bit different for everyone. Some of us need more sleep at night, more food to fuel us, and more quiet time to feel relaxed. It is not a one size fits all recipe for establishing balance in our lives.

It is easy to become over consumed with work, school, or anything else that we have on our plate. Whether you’re out and about on a daily basis or working from home (#WFH), we often forget about balancing this busy schedule with our own personal needs. I get it. All of a sudden you look at the clock and the day has flown by without a minute of “me time”. Well, I am here to tell you that including balance in our day to day routine is absolutely essential for our physical, mental and emotional health.

Numerous research has backed this up - a short bout of physical activity, meditation, journaling - you name it, can improve our mental health and help us to effectively focus on our daily tasks. Taking some time each day to ourselves can help us be happier, more attentive, and allow us to experience gratitude.

So how do we find balance in our busy day?

1. Pencil in a “reset”

Scheduling even 10 minutes to focus on yourself in the midst of your day can help you reset and become more relaxed. Take this 10 minutes on your lunch break, before dinner time, whenever really. Go for a 10 minute walk in the fresh air, stretch, or write down 3 things you are grateful for.

2. Schedule in larger chunks of time

Taking short breaks throughout the day is great to keep you mentally sharp, however our brains and bodies need a little more TLC than 10 minutes. Try dedicating 30 minutes to an hour in your day to really focus on yourself. Mix in a workout, some yoga, or try reading a book. Even some time to watch Netflix can be a nice break if you are always on the go or on your feet all day. I personally find that taking this hour first thing in the morning is the best way for me to focus on myself before starting my busy day.

3. Establish a routine.

They say it takes anywhere from 21 days to 200 days to properly form a habit. If you make a conscious effort for even 3 weeks to take time each day for yourself, eventually it will become a natural habit. This will be a ritual in your daily routine. Although some days become so whirlwind busy, once this habit is formed it will be easy to adapt to a busy schedule and bounce back from chaotic days.

4. Enjoy the moment

Sometimes we absolutely dread having to read a book or working out when we would much rather plop down in front of the TV and mindlessly binge our favourite show. The whole point of finding balance in your routine and making time for yourself in the day is to actually reap the benefits. On your 10-minute mid-day break, focus on how you feel. What is your body telling you? What is your brain capable of today? During your workout, enjoy the feeling of your heart beating and your lungs filling with air, and appreciate your body’s abilities. When we focus on how important our “me time” is,

we won’t be willing to give up this liberating feeling.

Like I said, finding balance is different for everyone. Find an approach that works for you and stick to it. At the end of the day, you know yourself and your body best and no one can tell you how to manage your schedule. All that matters is the effort to make yourself a priority each day!

Stay balanced, and remember - always reach for the clouds.