Do-Anywhere Full Body Workout

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Whether you're killing it in the gym or crushing at-home workouts, this workout is a must-try! This workout is versatile and can be done with bodyweight or you can spice it up and add some weights or resistance bands into it.

The beauty about circuit-style workouts is that they allow us to get our heart rate up, work our cardiorespiratory system, as well as give us the opportunity to build strength and muscle mass.

The workout details:

1) Squat + press/reach x10

Bodyweight: squat down while pushing your glutes (booty) to the back of the room and reach towards the floor. As you come up from the squat, you're going to reach your arms up as high as you can towards the ceiling while coming up onto your tippy toes.

Equipment: this can be done with a short-looped resistance band wrapped around your legs just above your knees (make sure to focus on not letting your knees cave in). You can add some dumbbells into this one by holding them on your shoulders as you come down into the squat, then press the dumbbells overhead as you come up from the squat.

2) Push-up + shoulder tap x10

Bodyweight: While keeping your knees, hips and shoulders all in a straight line, engage your core and bend at the elbows to lead your chest towards the ground. At the top of the push-up, use each hand to tap the opposite shoulder (left hand taps right shoulder, right hand taps left shoulder). Try to keep your hips as stable as possible during this - don't let yourself sway side-to-side!

Modification: feel free to come down on your knees during the push-ups and/or shoulder taps!

3) Reverse lunge + trunk twist x20

Bodyweight: starting in the upright position, take one big step back and drop your back knee just above the ground into the lunge position. Make sure you are focusing on keeping your weight in your front foot, mostly in your heel. While down in the lunge position, twist your trunk towards the front leg to work your obliques (aka the side of our stomach).

Equipment: add in 1 or 2 dumbbells/kettlebells. Hold them up by your chest to add resistance into your lunge and challenge your obliques during the twist.

4) Inchworm (x1) + jumping jacks (x5) x10

Bodyweight: for the inchworm, start in the standing position. Reach for the ground and begin to walk your hands out into a plank position, while keeping your legs and back as straight as you can (focus on "folding" at your hips). Try to walk your hands out as far as you can while in the plank position and engage your core. Repeat the same movement in reverse as you walk your hands back in. Once you are back in the standing position, start right into the 5 jumping jacks before going back down for your second rep of the inchworm.

5) Burpee + jump squat x10

Bodyweight: start by bringing your body down to the floor for the bottom half of the burpee, touching your tummy to the floor. As you come up from the burpee, plant your feet to put yourself in position for the jump squat. Drive your weight through your heels and propel your self up in the air, focusing on all the power coming from your legs. Make sure you land "softly" from the jump squat by keeping a slight bend in your knees. As soon as you land, bring your body back down to the floor to repeat.

Modifications: Take out any of the jumping movements by turning the jump squat into a prisoner squat, and walking your feet out in the bottom half of the burpee instead of hopping out.

Progression: hold a set of dumbbells in your hands to add some resistance into these!

6) Lying leg lifts x15

Bodyweight: start by lying down on your mat with your back flat. Place your hands underneath the top of your glutes (bum) if you need to support your lower back. Keeping your legs as straight as you can, fold at the hips to bring your feet up towards the ceiling. As you bring your legs back down to starting position, control the movement and slowly bring them down - don't let gravity do the work for you! Make sure to focus on your breathing here and keep your core activated the whole time.

Progression: place a light dumbbell in between your feet for a challenge!

Repeat 3-4 rounds with minimal rest in between for a full workout!

And there you have it! A full body workout that can be done anywhere. Get your workout space ready, blast your favourite music and get your sweat on! And remember - always reach for the clouds!

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