Benefits of Yoga for Children

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Yoga is not just for adults! Yoga is an extremely powerful tool for both mental and physical well-being, especially in children. It enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and balance, while allowing children to connect with themselves and their emotions. We don’t often consider the impact the hustle and bustle of life has on children and the stress it may cause. Yoga helps to teach many important life skills and provides children an outlet to express themselves. So, here are just a handful of the benefits of yoga in children:


Outlet For Play

Yoga provides children the opportunity to get active, have fun and create connections with others- even virtually!

Anxiety & Stress

Yoga teaches breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that can help children with stress management. This is an important life skill they can use for the rest of their lives and something that can bring them great joy.

Emotional Well-Being & Mindfulness

It can be challenging for children to focus and be present in the moment. Yoga fosters mindfulness in children through breather methods, guided exercises and relaxation practices. Yoga can help children achieve a balanced state of mind and encourages emotional presence throughout its teachings. This helps children to recognize their emotions and express them.

Physical Awareness

Learning new yoga poses and flows helps children learn about movement and become spatially aware of their bodies. It also helps with developing balance and grace.

Concentration & Memory

Yoga requires focus both mentally and physically. It teaches concentration through mindfulness and memorization as children work through various yoga flows and moves.

Strength, Flexibility & Balance

Physically, yoga is great for the body. It helps to improve and develop strength, balance and flexibility which can help to prevent future injuries.

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