5 Tips for Virtual Dance Classes

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

1. Space

Make sure you have a designated space to take your classes from. Maybe this is in your bedroom, a portion of your living room or in your basement. Ensure your space is clear and you have enough room to move around or execute moves without kicking anything! You can even decorate the space with some dance pictures! Be sure to have some water nearby too.

2. Technology

Set-up your device before class. If you are using Zoom download it beforehand. If you have access to an external monitor or TV you can enhance the effect of the class by blowing it up on the big screen!

3. Get Creative

Missing a ballet bar for your ballet class? Try using a chair or a step ladder instead! Lots of our at-home items can be used as replacements for weights, stretch bands and yoga mats if you don’t have any.

4. Routine

Try to stick to the same routine you had for in-person classes. Whether this means putting on your favourite dance outfit or bodysuit, putting your hair up and coming to class ready to dance, the same routine applies for virtual classes!

5. Attitude & Motivation

We need to remain open and positive about online learning, it has opened so many new and unique opportunities! You are still able to take dance classes and continue your dance training outside the studio. It provides you the opportunity to learn and develop as a dancer, and most importantly have fun! So, accept the challenge and rise above it!