Our High Intensity Interval training class is a great workout to improve both your cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular strength. Through short, intense exercise bursts you will be sure to work hard, have fun, and see just how far you can push yourself! 
Level: Moderate-Hard


This full body workout will cover all the bases and build full body strength. Through resistance and strength training, participating in this workout will have your muscles working hard and get you ready to conquer your day. This class can include interval training, optimization of sets and reps, and much more!
Level: All


Our Cloud Barre classes combine elements of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates to create a mix of low-impact and high-intensity movements to build strength and tone all major muscle groups. This class is also great for boosting endurance, improving balance and building flexibility.
Level: All


This moderate intensity class is the best you can get for improving your overall cardiorespiratory fitness. We will provide the music and exercises, all you have to do is bring a winning attitude and a water bottle! Get ready to SWEAT through several cardio based moves shown in intervals, circuit styles or to the beat of the music! We will provide you with the moves as well as progressions, modifications and lower impact options so that this workout can be done anywhere, anytime and for any level of fitness.
Level: All


A strong core starts right here at Cloud, where our instructors will lead you through a series of varying ab exercises. We like to think outside the box and will get you working your core in ways you never thought you could! Get your mat ready and come prepared to work hard and have fun!
Level: All


Whoever said opening a new jar of pickles was tough? Completing our upper body workouts will get you ready to face any of those tricky jar lids and leave you feeling strong. Our instructors will take you through a variety of upper body exercises that will cover all the major muscle groups in your chest, back, shoulders and arms! Step aside Hulk, our Cloud members will take it from here.
Level: All


Our booty class is a great option for those looking to improve overall lower body strength while focusing in on your glutes. 
Level: All


This full lower body class is perfect for anyone looking to build a strong base of support (AKA strong legs!). Our team of fitness instructors will take you through a series of leg exercises that will work your muscles and keep you wanting more! This strength class will incorporate many different styles of workouts including resistance training, circuit training and more!
Level: All


These classes are designed to assist in the recovery period following a workout or are great for a rest day. This is a good option for releasing muscle tension, working on flexibility and winding down after a long day.
Level: All